Falling down a flight of stairs onto a Collins Street pavement would not have been a good outcome.

So we saved the dangerous dance moves for another time. However, Bella and Emerson were really keen to bust out some of the dance moves they had been practising for their wedding - and it never hurts to have too much practice. The steps of the magnificent Regent Theatre proved to be the perfect stage for some dips and spins. Having met through a dental ball several years ago, it seemed apt to capture these two dancing up a storm in such a beautiful location.

Bella and Emerson dancing Regent Theatre Melbourne engagement session.jpg
Bella and Emerson lift pose in Melbourne GPO engagement session.jpg

Speaking of storms, being a typical winter's day in Melbourne meant that we were greeted with a 90% chance of rain! But we weren't going to let that deter us from finding some great places to photograph. There are so many locations in the CBD that are undercover and sheltered from the inclement weather. Many of these places often have beautiful architecture lit using incandescent lighting, which provides for a stunning backdrop for portraits. Royal Arcade and Block Arcade provided the perfect backdrop for us on this session, as did the many facades along Collins Street. 

Bella and Emerson Collins Street Melbourne engagement session.jpg

Bella and Emerson brought a wonderful sense of playfulness to this engagement session, pulling lots of funny faces at each other (which I'll refrain from posting here to avoid any embarrassment!). When asked what they love most about each other, Bella tells me that it's Emerson's ability to make her laugh and smile, as well as his caring, optimistic and considerate nature. Emerson cited Bella's wit, intelligence, dry sense of humour and sense of adventure. Oh, and that she wasn't arrogant, demanding or borderline crazy.

These two are self-confessed foodies, so we definitely had to get shot inside one of Melbourne's many laneway cafés. This particular café had a bar-style window seat, allowing coffee-drinkers to watch the goings-on in the laneway. This was also an ideal location for a photograph, so we staked out the location until the two bar-stools were free.

Bella and Emerson Block Place cafe Melbourne engagement session.jpg

Thanks so much Bella and Emerson for braving the cold weather and rain and letting me photograph you. And all the best for your big day.