Headshot of Tina in Melbourne CBD

I had the pleasure of photographing the very talented singer-songwriter Tina Nabb. The location brief for this session was somewhere with an industrial vibe, and what better place than one of Melbourne's old laneways lined with beautiful original red-brick warehouses. As is usual in Melbourne, on this particular day the sky was threatening to open up at any minute. However, we chanced our luck and managed to capture a ton of great images, with the sun even making a guest appearance towards the end of the session. 

Tina has been songwriting for around four years and her lyrics draw inspiration from all aspects of life. She has written about topics such as cyber bullying, the effect of rash decisions and the domestic martyrdom of raising teenagers. 

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Portrait of Tina playing ukulele in Melbourne laneway

Tina's instrument of choice, the ukulele, of course featured prominently in this session. In between dodging oncoming traffic and recounting the stories behind many of her songs, Tina worked her magic with her ukulele and launched into an impromptu live performance. In fact, Tina's skillful playing and singing caught the attention of quite a few passers by and local shopkeepers!

Closeup of musician playing ukulele
Portrait of Tina walking in Melbourne laneway holding ukulele

I had such a great time photographing Tina and many thanks for sharing your amazing musical talent with me.

After playing countless gigs and winning the 2015 Maldon Minstral Award at the Maldon Folk Festival, Tina recently launched her album "Town and Country". You can find out more at www.tinanabb.com.au